Comics and Photos

A friend of mine convinced me to try mainstream super hero comics. I’d kind of done this before, but it never took. This time I started with Batgirl, which I’ve talked about in the past. I decided to read Marvel’s All New X-Men, which has been a really fun ride. It’s odd to know so much in passing about these characters and read a story with them that’s been running for a few years.jean2343

I think I’m going to keep this comic book thing up and find something else to read. So far my favorite characters are Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde, unfortunately they don’t have many storylines out there. When I was a kid and the old X-Men show was on a lot of it centered around Jean, which is why it’s funny to me that she’s been so underused (and for a while was dead) in current comics.

I also wanted to update my whole picture practice. Here’s one of the latest things I took. I’m mostly not posting these because they’re pretty goddamn boring.



That bokeh, though.


Photo Days

After some recent photography work I’m convinced that I need to work on using my camera to the fullest potential and making use of what I have with me. Too much light, not enough light: those can’t be my excuses anymore. It’s just tiring having to miss shots because of it. So I am planning to use my camera once a day (with no flash if I can) to take a picture of something…anything around me.

Started yesterday and got something that’s not super interesting.


It was kind of gloomy outside and I wanted to preserve that. The camera I will be using is a Canon 60D and all of these images will be shot in manual.