A lot of hobbies and interests I wouldn’t have had two years ago have become a big part of my life. I’m reading a shit-ton of comics each month, playing more League of Legends, actually having friends to hang out with, and all of this while working more hours. The one thing I’ve been doing less is writing. When I come home at night intent on writing I end up playing Leauge of Legends or sitting in front of a blank computer monitor just staring as if the words and ideas are going to leap out of my mind and onto the screen.

League of Legends has been a bit of a hot button issue for me because a lot of the time I’m not having fun and I’m not gaining anything by being in those games. A friend told me to watch a stream to learn how to play this character and role; I’m sure it would have given me all that I would need to know to get the rythm of last hitting down. But do I have an hour to devote to watching something that I’m not enjoying all that much, something that won’t ever be the huge part of my life it is for some people. There’s no way I’m joining a pro team or going to LCS or really even going to make the push from Bronze to Gold.

I need to be writing more. I’ve let all the work fall by the wayside. I’m too busy is the thing that people always say, but I could easily make time. If some of the things I am doing aren’t really making me happy there’s no point in doing them unless they are a neccesity. Sometimes we don’t love work, but we know that it’s something we have to do if we wnt to live comfortably and have money. The writing is something that I want to do, but I’m not working on it. And the one thing I’m using as an excuse that I don’t like as much takes three or four hours of my time a night.

So after years of playing and keeping current with updates I’m considering uninstalling or at least not playing nearly as much or as seriously.

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