Pathfinder Deserter


Don’t really want to do the whole “life update” thing here. I’ve moved, things are changing at work, been talking to a girl–yada-yada.

The important thing that I stepped back in here to tell is that I think I might be done with the Pathfinder Role Playing system. Now, this might not be shocking or even that uncommon, but I’ve been playing it longer than any other edition and was simply in love with it.

I loved the options it afforded me at character creation and the flavor of the art. I thought the setting rose above the “more than just generic” fantasy level somewhere near the beginning and even when it was making things piecemeal out of other settings and sources it usually blended them together in an interesting way.

The problem is there’s just too much. There’s too many books and too many character options. When I played with people they always seemed to be trying to get as far from the core rule book as possible and I like the core rule book.

The flavor text was being wildly ignored and people wanted to be the strangest creatures they could find to build these wild character concepts with as few penalties as possible. The people running the games weren’t much better when they allowed someone to just waltz through town as a Bugbear or some shit and no one batted an eye.

“This is a problem with the person running the game,” you might say. But in all honesty there was so much to pick and choose from option wise that if you were going to run a game with core rules only expect to have a billion questions lobbed at your head about whether or not they could have this one itsy-bitsy thing from outside of your rules.

I’m finding that there’s less of that in fifth edition and that there’s a simpler game there. What the game lacks in concrete options it seems to more than make up for in creative options. What can you imagine? How does you character’s back story tie into their mechanics? More than anywhere before this is asked of you in this game and I just think it forces people to at least try and think these things through.

I doubted 5e and it’s scant offerings at first look, but I take all of that back. In these three average sized core rule books there is so much offered up in the way of choice.