A lot has changed and still a lot hasn’t .

I found an internship for a small startup and things just feel right—I only hope I haven’t become the kind of person who can’t work in an environment like that anymore. It feels strange being around people my own age; people who don’t really have a different goal. For some reason that was an issue even when we all worked in the same place.

It feels like I could get back to where I want to be in life. 

My writing on the other hand has suffered. I didn’t really want to admit it for the longest time, but I’ve had an inability to put words on paper in any significant way for months now. The saving grace is that I’ve planned my ass off. I’ve got stuff planned to carry me through at least one more book. But no one is going to pay to read a bunch of half planned out notes…

Okay, not true. No one but Tolkien fans are going to pay to read notes. I’ve got another move coming up and I’ve got to let things stabilize more, but I think my lack of reading is making it hard to write. And reading has been great stress relief in the past.

This is tiring to write since I’m doing it by hand from a tablet (my laptop charger is at work), but I promise to revisit this blog. I promise to use it because it’s at least writing . It’s a way for me to track how much I did or didn’t get done that day. It’s an honest account. No excuses. How much did I really read? How much did I write? I won’t help anyone by lying here.  


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