Firefly Season Two

Joss Whedon had already made a name for himself by 2002; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel had been on the air several seasons. A growing community of fans were picking up comics, tie-in-novels as well as watching the shows. When the announcement for Firefly came down I wasn’t really interested. I had dropped Buffy by that time, but still watched Angel religiously (and I will go down fighting that Angel was one of the best things Whedon did on TV).

12717659_1060323854011501_7933737666942233070_nFirefly’s advertising didn’t exactly appeal to my sensibilities. I don’t like the Western genre, or at least, back then I thought I didn’t like what the Western genre was supposed to be. I didn’t know any of the actors in the show well enough to be drawn in by that and the Fox network didn’t exactly make the show easy to watch.

When it was canceled I don’t think a lot of people were even paying attention. The internet had matured into the state it has today where websites track shows that are on the tracking block and organize huge campaigns to save them. Hell, if there had been enough people to organize it might not have gotten canceled.

It wasn’t until about two years later in college when I saw the Serenity movie because a girl at I liked at the time wouldn’t stop talking about it. We don’t even talk anymore, but if it weren’t for Allison, I can safely say I would have never checked this show out. I haven’t watched a Joss Whedon show since then and only his movies have really drawn me in.

Firefly is a good show. I don’t deny that despite not being the biggest fan of its creator. My reason for this post comes next: it’s fucking 2016. In a few months this show will have aired fourteen years ago. Fox cancelled it, no one wanted to pick it up after the movie, DROP IT. 

I don’t know what made Firefly into some kind of nerd Alamo. It’s the thing you’re expected to agree with: when you’re around geeks and nerds and someone starts to bitch about what Fox did to Firefly you’re supposed to rally around this as fact like it’s some inherent evil act perpetrated by the people at Fox; like it’s the Tuskegee Experiment or Japanese Internment camps.

People are still going on about it today, even while many of the actors have found life elsewhere, one is on a show that’s lasted almost a decade, and another has become a sexist sock puppet. I don’t get why this is the hill people choose to die on. Why is this show so vital? It had potential, but there are missteps in it and we can’t assume it would have gotten better. Especially since at an anniversary special a troubling rape plot line was revealed:

“She had this magic syringe, she would take this drug and if she were, for instance, raped, the rapist would die a horrible death. The story was, she gets kidnapped by Reavers. and when Mal finally got to the ship to save her from the Reavers, he gets on the Reaver ship and all the Reavers are dead. Which would suggest a kind of really bad assault. At the end of the episode, he comes in after she’s been horribly brutalized, he comes in, he gets down on his knee and he takes her hand and he treats her like a lady.”

Just let it be. It’s a good show that people have made into some kind of rally point only because it got canceled before it made any of the colossal fuck-ups that all shows seem to stumble through on a long enough time-line. Stop acting like you were done some grave injustice because a network canceled a show that wasn’t making them enough money, that you probably weren’t watching.


Am I Sexy

If you’re overweight and own a vagina Reddit can be a scary place to post a picture of yourself. Over the last year, in an effort to seem more advertiser friendly, the site dropped a lot of the sections dedicated to making fun of people that were overweight after one such section tried to get someone to kill themselves. There were claims that the idea of the section, called “Fat People Hate”, was an effort to make fun of them in the hopes of getting them to take action and lose weight. In the end the whole section and its sister sections were banned and attempts to make new sections with the same theme have met the same fate.

In some ways Reddit is worse off now than it was back then. It used to be that you could look into someone’s comments and tell that they were from one of these groups. It used to be that they were at least encouraged to keep their vile shit in that section.

Fast forward to this–a section of Reddit called “Am I Sexy”; it’s one of many such sections (Am I Pretty, Rate Me, and so on). On the surface it might seem that these are already a breeding ground for trouble, but they don’t have to be. Constructive criticism about style and looks isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be a rude or mean thing.

I browse the area myself sometimes, though I never leave mean comments and rarely say anything at all. The trend I’ve noticed lately is that perfectly healthy sized women, even women who are already working out, are being told that they’re too fat.

At this point you probably think that I’m messing with you. There’s no way this girl on the left was told thatjWtEnOk-1 she needed to lose weight, where would she lose it from? That’s the exactly what I wondered when I saw this a few months back. I even sent a link to my friend so that they could see what I was talking about.

Offering a dissenting opinion will usually end with you being down voted until your opinion is no longer visible on the site, but I’m wondering what makes people think that this is in any way overweight. Even celebrities aren’t typically skinnier than this.

With the second example (both of which belong to the same girl) the word obesity was thrown around. She actually came back in the comment section and tried to argue with people telling her that her B.M.I. was unhealthy and even when she said her B.M.I. had been taken recently and came back fine they argued that she was disgusting. I get not being attracted to someone–that’s completely fine, but it seems that for you to be pushed to disgust by someone who looks like this:

…is fucking way past pushing it. It seems more likely that these sections are just a gathering place for some of the former “Fat People Haters”, but that barely makes sense considering that neither of these women posted are fat. Truth be told it seems that the whole section is just a place for people to dump on others to feel good about themselves or to feel a little burst of power that comes with kicking someone.

People who sit around devising complex rating systems and telling women who they’d probably be too afraid to approach in person that they’re a 3.5, by their ranking is possibly one of the few satisfactions these types get out of their miserable lives–and that’s the one thing I am sure of. Regardless of how good these people look, how fit they are, or how much money they have their lives are miserable.

If they weren’t, they wouldn’t go through so much trouble to hurt others.

Photo Retouching

So I decided that I need to make a firm commitment to not only continue to take pictures in the future, but also to go back and properly edit the ones I took way back when. I spent a good amount of time moving them to this computer and when that was done I dug through them for something to edit.

The tone of what I was taking just didn’t seem right, but with the newer ones it feels closer to what I pictured in my head. I’m going to post a pair with the first being the “older version” and the new one on bottom.



Why did I ever believe that I was properly editing before?

What Dice Funk Taught Me About Character on Character Violence

One of the most widely enforced rules I’ve seen in Dungeons and Dragons rules that I’ve seen in games has been NO PLAYER ON PLAYER VIOLENCE. I had always thought it wasn’t a very good rule–I thought that there was some value in conflicts in character coming to blows.

Warning, spoilers follow. 

Then I listened to Dice Funk’s last few episodes; a character killed another character and no I don’t feel bad saying that because it’s done in such a way that the spectacle of what’s happened makes for good listening even if you’re sure it’s coming.

The aftermath and the precedent that it sets for the party, especially if there’s a campaign  with some scope or goal in mind, is that they cease to trust each other. It derails the game–it forces someone else to leave or make a new character and to assimilate them into the group .

I’ve never had a game where it really came to serious blows, but I get it now. I don’t think I’ll ever let it happen in one of my games. The episode after the death there was such a somber start that I didn’t even realize the player who had been killed was still there.

If there’s some kind of Game of Thrones style game about deception or you’re the kind of player who expects this stuff I could see it playing well, but it’s just not for me.

Make Way For the Rat Queens


Ended up doing a search today for some D&D Art for the game a friend and I are running and in the process I came across two interesting things: the first was some kind of porn comic about two hobbit girls and the second was Rat Queens.

Rat Queens is a monthly comic book by Image about a mercenary group who fight monsters and threats in and around their town. Sounds like standard Dungeons and Dragons bullshit, but check it out:


This is just a fun story. Not just that, the cast is diverse, female lead (with a lot of other females running around doing the adventuring) and it’s not afraid to be vulgar, to get a little serious sometimes and to show some of the things that you don’t really see enough of out there.

It’s done well enough that it’s getting an animated cartoon based on it. If you enjoy things like World of WarcraftDungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, fun, comics, comedy or just fantasy–I highly recommend you check it out.

You can get it on Amazon for a Kindle or if you’re looking for a paper copy check out a local comic book store. The first two volumes are out so far.