Ended up doing a search today for some D&D Art for the game a friend and I are running and in the process I came across two interesting things: the first was some kind of porn comic about two hobbit girls and the second was Rat Queens.

Rat Queens is a monthly comic book by Image about a mercenary group who fight monsters and threats in and around their town. Sounds like standard Dungeons and Dragons bullshit, but check it out:


This is just a fun story. Not just that, the cast is diverse, female lead (with a lot of other females running around doing the adventuring) and it’s not afraid to be vulgar, to get a little serious sometimes and to show some of the things that you don’t really see enough of out there.

It’s done well enough that it’s getting an animated cartoon based on it. If you enjoy things like World of WarcraftDungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, fun, comics, comedy or just fantasy–I highly recommend you check it out.

You can get it on Amazon for a Kindle or if you’re looking for a paper copy check out a local comic book store. The first two volumes are out so far.


3 thoughts on “Make Way For the Rat Queens

      1. Well– I am seriously impressed. The Rat Queens have a new fan. If I can get some economic liquidity in the near-future I will probably catch up on the individual issues from the end of the second volume to the present.

        I may even review it on my blog.

        It’s the best fantasy comic that I’ve read in quite a while.

        Thanks again.


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