One of the most widely enforced rules I’ve seen in Dungeons and Dragons rules that I’ve seen in games has been NO PLAYER ON PLAYER VIOLENCE. I had always thought it wasn’t a very good rule–I thought that there was some value in conflicts in character coming to blows.

Warning, spoilers follow. 

Then I listened to Dice Funk’s last few episodes; a character killed another character and no I don’t feel bad saying that because it’s done in such a way that the spectacle of what’s happened makes for good listening even if you’re sure it’s coming.

The aftermath and the precedent that it sets for the party, especially if there’s a campaign  with some scope or goal in mind, is that they cease to trust each other. It derails the game–it forces someone else to leave or make a new character and to assimilate them into the group .

I’ve never had a game where it really came to serious blows, but I get it now. I don’t think I’ll ever let it happen in one of my games. The episode after the death there was such a somber start that I didn’t even realize the player who had been killed was still there.

If there’s some kind of Game of Thrones style game about deception or you’re the kind of player who expects this stuff I could see it playing well, but it’s just not for me.


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