I happened upon a conversation about how flat Taylor Swift’s butt is the other day. The argument was spawned by the image below. The one on the right is obviously Photo-shopped; you can find the real image with a quick Google. A8FPSCo

Here you go. The other thing about this is that when I found this argument, it was through other people making fun of those arguing. Those other people then got into the same argument themselves, only this time there was a person upset that we had to reduce women to parts.

If a woman does anything from sing a song to try to become President, we as a people along with the media seem hellbent on bringing into question their sexuality and appearance. Before I go any further I’d just like to say this isn’t a slam on Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. The proof is in my Google Play Music playlists, no seriously.

On the one hand, I find women attractive and I don’t think it’s all that odd to want to discuss that occasionally. Sure there are times when it’s inappropriate, like when someone has died (I’ve heard people do it still). People are likely going to discuss who they’re attracted to and with the internet, a lot of the time, they’re going to show us too. People post pictures of crushes on Instagram and Facebook right out in plain sight. It’s seen as not out of the ordinary.

Though I can definitely see the other side of the issue, too. If you are attractive and this causes you to never be taken seriously or to have your credibility and skill level doubted, that’s not something that most people would want to be bothered with. When you do something grand or important, but all that people can discuss is who you’re wearing–that’s the wrong conversation to be having.


Our inability to pay attention to a woman who isn’t “sexy” has caused heated arguments about Taylor Swift’s butt or Kelly Clarkson’s weight to become the norm, when you’re far less likely to hear anyone discuss their lyrics in the same circles.

Now, I’m not saying we need to stop discussing how people look at all, but be conscious of the message and importance of that person. And most of all be sure to remember that the person is a person. If their only crime is looking unattractive to you, that’s not a big deal.



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