It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Not to tell you how horrible a person he is or to tell you that it’s probably never be this important that you vote again–those are the things I’ll leave to the professionals–instead I’m going to talk about how this is all the news’s fault that the fucker is on the world stage embarrassing us further.

Really the conversation is framed that way because we allow it. We pay attention to the celebrity gossip and the static and ignore the actual message. If you think about it, our inability to care as much about what a Senator for Texas says as we do about what Kanye West says has made everything go this route.

The news is giving us more of what we want, but they’re also the taste makers. They distill a days events down into what’s important and what’s not. Even with the twenty-four hour news cycle they’re still leaving a lot of huge world events out, sometimes it seems intentional.

And in the case of Donald Trump, they couldn’t get enough of the wild stuff he was saying. Every time he spouted off some new bigoted response they gave him the top story out of all the candidates. Every time he did some horrible thing like call a war veteran a coward, they made it the weekly discussion topic.

Trump didn’t have to spend any on advertising early on because his message was spread far and wide by the news. It caught the Republican party so off guard that they seemed to only just have realized that he is a person that’s actively gathering votes.

The news is really good at beating a topic to death. They couldn’t shut up about the plane that went down a year or so ago, even when there was no new information. They’ve been warned about how they talk about school shootings, yet they continue to cover them in the same fashion.

They really have no responsibility to do otherwise. One would think they’d want to have a sense of decency along with reporting the news.

And honestly, on the other side of things it seems like they’re actively out to denounce Bernie Sanders. I admit, I like what the guy is saying, but the way that the media treats him you would believe he was polling in the single digits. I hate to call things a conspiracy, but it does seem like someone at a lot of these big stations doesn’t want him being considered viable. A similar thing happened with Obama: he was too black, too radical, to whatever they could pull of their asses.

Sure, there is a lot of blame on the people who vote for Trump. Those people are a huge part of the problem, but Trump’s exposure is helping him–the same way being told that Bernie Sanders is unfit is hurting him. The responsibility of the news is to report important facts, but they’re ignoring the campaign in a lot of ways that they shouldn’t be and focusing in on the dumb parts, buying into the spectacle.

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