I don’t think that something done at an award show, or around one, has every had the lasting effect that Kanye West taking the microphone from Taylor Swift did back in 2009. That was seven years ago and people can’t stop talking about it. They definitely seem angrier about it than they are at Chris Brown for beating Rhianna until she had to go to the hospital.

They’re madder about it than a lot of things. And Kanye West never seems to have stopped being polarizing. We live with a music industry and a Hollywood where people beat each other up, can’t get help when they’re saying someone raped them, and actively commit crimes–yet there is a special kind of anger reserved for a man who drunkenly takes a mic and says something stupid.

Kanye isn’t your average rapper that people assume most rappers to be. He wasn’t a gang-banger and doesn’t pretend to be; really he doesn’t pretend to be anyone he’s not. He sometimes talks about black oppression, the uplifting of blacks, social issues, and all of those other things that people claim that blacks ignore in favor of rapping about money, cars and shoes.

Sure he raps about those things, too, but no one does an entire catalog of serious songs. So why is he so infuriating to people? Why is it that people like Sarah Michelle Gellar can blast him in the media for nothing other than appearing on the front cover of a magazine and it’s met with applause in the kind of way that outing a dangerous felon should be?

I’m playing it; I don’t do the race card thing a lot, but I’m going to do it now. I think people get mad because Kanye is a black man who dares to be proud of who he is and shamelessly flaunt himself. He says what he wants and ignores most of the consequences. As someone I know said, he’s guilty of being an uppity nigger and the media would love to crucify him for it.

Now, I don’t hate the parties involved. I don’t really pay attention to Kim Kardashian or watch her show, but I don’t complain about her or get upset when she does something that doesn’t effect me which is everything she does. I like Taylor Swift and listen to her probably more than I do Kanye and I don’t get why else people would be so mad at him.

Let’s get one thing straight, the media has done all they can to attack Swift on who she dates, how much she dates, and the content of her songs for YEARS. They’ve said far worse than “she doesn’t deserve this award” and continue to say it at times, but that’s completely fine. She got a lot of shit for being a woman who wasn’t afraid to go after guys and date around and all kinds of other backwards shit.

It was okay for them to harass her though.

And when I blame race, I’m not talking about a conscious effort to go after someone for being black. No, it’s just that when someone black does something slightly wrong the reaction is much more pronounced. Michael Vick had protesters outside of his games for years following a dog fighting incident he wasn’t directly involved in, meanwhile Roethlisberger, a rapist seemed to only have protesters for the first few games if that. You can rape a woman if you’re white, but don’t dare have people dog fight on your property if you’re black.

Kanye West will continue to be controversial and I think it suits him. Taylor Swift will continue to be unaffected by the stuff he says, at least in the eye of the public, as she should be. She’s done nothing wrong, but the media will continue to stir this shit up until they need to let it die down to report on some other celebrity fad issue.


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