Disclaimer: I don’t have a problem with people of any size, nor do I hold views that women and some progressives are getting too out of control with their views and need to be shouted down and snuffed out because they’re wrong. I do, however, think it’s time that we stop kidding ourselves and decide which is which.

I cruise Twitter or Instagram and I see all manner of posts about body positivity, or being body positive, or loving your curves, or whatever other little hashtaggble thing people can come up with to say I’m proud of who I am.

No problem there, but you have to let others be proud of who they are too and you have to acknowledge that just because you are proud of who you are, doesn’t mean that anyone else has to be attracted to that. Them not being attracted is in no way an invitation for them to say hateful things or harass you, it’s just their preference.

I’ve noticed a trend of bigger women talking about how they’ll only date slim men or muscular men on the same social media outlet that they turn around and get mad for someone daring not to accept them as they are or like them for who they are. Now, we’ve got a bad habit of sexualizing things considered outside of the norm in different ways, big women, tall women, black men, Hispanic men, Asian women is a big one for a lot of men–really anything you can think of that someone might have as a feature, right down to parts of their body being different, there’s a fetish for it.

Dating is all about preferences, but you have to believe that goes both ways. If you won’t date people who aren’t skinny, you shouldn’t be mad when you see someone else say the same thing just because their the opposite gender.  And the same way that you don’t want people judging you because of your weight, don’t assume every skinny woman is some kind of target for anger. Things like real women have curves and the like give off that vibe and not all women can have certain body types.

This is all just backlash, at least that’s what it seems like, from years of it being not okay to be proud of who you are. And that’s still not really over, people are in attack mode because they’re made fun of or judged daily for their appearance. I understand that’s shitty, I’m not a skinny guy either, but you can’t turn around then and do the same to others, especially others who have done nothing wrong.


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