San Antonio can’t seem to decide what season it is. At a time when we should be feeling the first bits of Spring it feels like late October. The birds came back seemingly too early and people are wearing gloves, knitted caps, and long jackets.

Central and South Texas are a little dramatic when it comes to the cold and we really didn’t have time to adjust to any one kind of temperature this year. The thermostat has been all over the place–we saw the nineties in February and then that same week saw it dip into the forties. It’s inconsistent and frustrating.

And it seems to me that anyone watching would immediately see this as a sign that something is changing. People love to say it’s the volatile Texas weather, but it didn’t used to be. From about 2005 until 2013 it basically didn’t rain in this city and when I lived here last time in the early 2000s it was warm and dry or cool and dry most of the year. I remember seeing a heavy severe rain once. This past six months we’ve had very rain, hail and tornadoes.

I remember that this city seemed to have the most stagnant, predictable weather and now it doesn’t. We see unseasonable rain in California and an Oklahoma so dry the ground burns and more of those so called ‘one hundred year floods’.

Climate change used to seem like the kind of thing that we needed to study more, to me at least. I was skeptical of it, though I’m not a scientist by any stretch. Now we can see the changes and it’s probably too late or almost too late to really do anything but lessen the extent of the long term damage.

You can say that the whole climate change thing is cooked up by the Chinese or made up to make some money for the ‘clean energy industry’, but one of those doesn’t make sense and the other ignores that more powerful industries stand to benefit from lying about clean energy. We saw claims that the Prius was more harmful to the environment than a Hummer even though there’s no real source of that proof besides a right leaning British newspaper. There are the claims that there’s such a thing as clean coal, when we shouldn’t even be looking at something as primitive as coal when we have the sun and the wind. And there was some advertisement that the sun could go out or the wind could stop…well if that happens we’re all fucked anyway.

All you need to know is it was in the sixties in Antartica and it’s still technically Winter. You can’t make that shit up.



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