A Defense of Game of Thrones: AKA Would You Kindly Shut the Fuck Up.

There are a lot of people who will make the argument that a creator doesn’t owe their audience anything. An audience continues to show up because a creator is producing quality content. It’s a pretty damn good argument and one of the main points of it seems to be that when a creator panders to an audience it can weaken their work’s vision.

Game of Thrones ended its seventh season last night and if you’re expecting me to lambaste the show’s direction, pacing, and overall “happy” tone then you’re in the wrong place. I have seen a lot of people complaining that the show is wish fulfillment now, that since it’s gone past book that it’s just them giving the audience what they want to see.

I don’t really think that I get that argument. The audience wants to see the show and they keep watching it. If the show’s creators were to stop giving the audience what they wanted to see how would that make the show better?

This isn’t a spoiler laden review and I’m not here to discuss the fine plot details, but I’m just curious what these people want a show to be? Are they wanting it to be 100% dark all of the time with no hope or anything cool. Well, even the real world isn’t like that. Awesome things happen in the real world and this idea that awesome things happening or seeing your favorite characters strike out together on a dangerous mission isn’t realistic enough, then I have news for you…

You’ve spent the last six years of your life watching a fantasy show. I’m sorry if you never cracked open a Tolkien novel or rolled a twenty-sider with friends to see if your rogue would hit, but you’re participating in the endorsement of fantasy novel based nerd shit written by a real life neckbeard and adapted by fanboys.

The fantastical is going to happen. Sometimes it even happens in real life.

And if you’re hating the last two seasons and you think this is the worst the show has ever been quit. I stopped watching after the awful dick torture porn that season three turned out to be seemed to show no sign of stopping and I only picked it back up when I saw hope in season six that they were finally doing something interesting.

If you can’t stand the show anymore that’s your power. Do something else. Stop wasting your Sunday nights watching it so you can bitch to everyone else about how far it’s fallen. People enjoying it don’t give a shit. I know I don’t.