This blog started as a compulsion and grew into a place for rampant self promotion, ranting and on occasion writing discussion. I’m Justin Caynon, a twenty-six year old budding author from Texas working on his first e-book Keep Austin Safe and posting about the pitfalls and high points of being a writer.

Besides writing, which is the obvious thing, I enjoy reading, photography, D&D, tea, late nights, and quiet rain storms just to name a few. I’m really not that deep, I probably don’t seem like much of a writer to those who just meet me on the street and I believe that the length of a book isn’t as important as the stories it has inside.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You might want to know that this new film Bully is NOT based on the book about the Bobby Kent murder you mention. That was filmed in 2001.


    1. I guess I’ll make a new post and mention it, but people kept saying this movie was based on a book. It appears to be a Documentary…and it also appears that they went ahead and lowered the rating. There goes what little integrity they had left. Why did you comment on the about me section?


  2. No Bully 2011 is just a very good documentary about the phenomenon. That’s not a good word to describe it is it?

    Ya know what would be interesting? The Bobby Kent was a bully story is a fabrication told by only his murderers and the friends they “told” testimony. I was just talking about it on IMDB, if you look up Bully there (2001) , I am user SoTyred and I just made a reply post to a topic I started discussing why do people believe Kent was a bullly.

    It would be interesting if you could weave a blog around the subject of one case widely popularized as a bullying case juxtaposed to a documentary about the real thing. One is the story of real bullies effect on peoples lives, and a case where a persons life was taken by some psychopaths who used bullying as a tool to try and get away with it.

    Sorry, I’m way too into these things. I discovered you while researching the Kent case that I became obsessed with years ago.




  3. Oh, I’m sorry I just re-read your post. I thought I had posted in the blog about Bully. Hmm…sorry. Delete or move if you need. The Weinsteins did rejct the MPPA, but then made a plea deal where they just beep out the swearing as I understand it.


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